This Incredible Doctor Shows Us A Way To Calm Down A Crying Baby. WHOA!

Maybe you’re already a parent yourself, or you know someone close to you that has a small child of their own, but it’s almost certain that you’ve seen how uncontrollable a baby’s cry can get to be. Despite their tiny size, they can be very noisy, and parents can only hope that they feel like calming down by themselves, eventually. But there’s still hope. In the following video, Dr. Hamilton shows us a nice and soft technique to calm a baby when they’re crying, and not only does it work, but it also looks adorable!

Dr. Hamilton now has over 30 years of experience as a pediatrician, and he developed this method himself thanks to his decades of practice. He’s located in Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, in Santa Monica, California, and he definitely has some skills and useful knowledge. He shows a very simple way to ease off babies when they’re crying, and he demonstrates it on two of his baby patients. He makes it look so easy! I can’t wait to try out this handy trick someday.

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