This Incredible Footage Shows The First Ever Birth Of An Orangutan To Be Recorded!

This amazing clip shows the birth of a beautiful young Sumatran orangutan. The birth of young Kea was captured by the videos set up at The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The Trust focuses on conserving species and saving them from extinction.

But the charity institution was set up in 1963 by Gerald Durrell. Since then it has been a sanctuary in a breeding center for a great many endangered species. This footage is the world’s first footage of an orangutan birth.

It is remarkable to see an orangutan give birth. This footage is believed to be the first in the world to capture the baby’s delivery. The thing that really warms my heart is the reaction of the mother orangutan when her brand-new baby is born. Parts of this video may be said to be off putting a gross, but it is the reality of life.

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