This Incredible Grandma Teaches Us About Good Values… Using RAP Music! She’s Awesome!

There’s a reason they’re called the “golden” years. As we’ve seen in many other videos before, aging does not stop a person for being awesome and doing amazing things, and in fact, it seems to only open more and more possibilities for any human being. Every grandma and grandpa has lots of valuable advice that they can give to the younger generations, but I bet no one would expect something like this at all! In the following video, we meet Granny G, a grandma who decided to teach kids moral values through rap music!

Paula Nelson, better known for her stage name Granny G, got onstage on the popular contest TV show America’s Got Talent, and despite her 8 decades of age, she shows her amazing style of urban music by rapping about sexuality and family values. You’ll be shocked by his rhyme and flow, and her style is straight on, no holds barred. She also has a very important message to give about being responsible with your decisions, and to take life more seriously. What do you think about this message for the younger generations?

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