An incredible person is making sure that this cute and tiny bulldog have a happy life forever!

This is the sweet story of a bulldog named Kiki. This cute little dog was rescued from a person who did not care for him and did not care to meet his basic needs. The former owners of Kiki, kept him locked in a very small cage inside the garage of his house, the dog spent most of his life locked in the cage without being able to mobilize properly. Due to this condition of confinement and not being able to move, Kiki developed a problem of scoliosis in his spine. And this, was one of the many things that this sweet little dog would have to face.

It was achieved that the person who had Kiki gave her to the authorities last May. The dog was in a deplorable state, mistreated, severely malnourished, and in an extreme state of thinness. He had many sores around his body that were already infected, and two autoimmune diseases that were dangerous to his health, and which were not yet properly treated.

One of these diseases made his skin hard as a stone and had serious infections caused by bacteria, and the other was a serious infection in his gut.

According to Skip Van Der Marliere, the creator of the Bulldog rescue center, Kiki could still move, although very little, he could walk but the pain that caused him to step on his legs was enormous, because he had many sores on his paws. However, despite being so ill, Kiki was always alert and aware of all things happening around him. Despite being mistreated, Kiki enjoyed contact with people.

Skip is an excellent person and he has tried to keep Kiki alive at all times, however, this is not easy job. Despite doctor visits, Kiki’s skin wounds have not been easy to heal and she’s still trying to regain some weight. Currently, they try to solve their intestinal problems to get specific treatment for their skin problem. Meanwhile, she enjoys trying other types of food to avoid allergies.

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