These Incredible Pugs Are Going Sledding. What Will They Do? I Can’t Believe It

Dogs are always looking for anything that means having fun. They are the best companion a person could ever imagine having. You know what I mean if you own a dog yourself. Check out the pugs in this adorable video below! I hope you are prepared to have your heart stolen from your chest because what happens here is amazing.

The owner has a great idea for this year’s Christmas card and wants to get to work on it. They are all dressed up and ready in their snow gear . They are, of course getting their Christmas picture taken sitting in a sled. Each is dressed in a pink and grey winter suit so they can stay warm while they get are doing the photo shoot.

They look so comfy that I want one of those outfits!  Check out the one with the black face and see that his tongue sticking out doesn’t crack you right up. I don’t think that it fits in his mouth because it’s never in there. They even earn a little sled ride after all their hard work.

This is hilarious and one almost loses his hat. This is sure to brighten up the darkest day and we would love it if you were to share it with your family and friends as well as provide a comment in the section below.

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