Mobula Rays in The Middle of The Ocean Make for an Extraordinary Sight

Mobula rays, also known as flying rays, are also known as the devilfish of the ocean. They are similar in appearance to manta rays, and they fall under the family of eagle rays. They can attain a disc width of up to 5.2m (17 ft). They can weigh over a ton and are known as the second-largest Manta species in size. But other than this, not much is known about them.

That is why this video is extra special. NatGeo managed to capture this beautiful event where a record-breaking school of Mobula rays arrived off the coast of Baja. Thousands of Mobula rays are gathered in the ocean, and it is really mind-blowing to see them fly – genuinely breathtaking.

There are thousands of these Mobula rays in this clip, and we first see them swimming together in a giant ball, in circles. As if that’s not amazing enough, something causes them to break up and move closer to the surface of the water.

Mobula ray males often leap high into the air and come down with a big splash. This is in hopes of impressing a female who will want to mate with them. So next, we see one, then two rays leap out of the water at impressive heights. Then we see hundreds of them doing it. Not only is it amazing, but it is also beautiful.

Sometimes the beauty of the sea just leaves me in awe. How fortunate for this NatGeo crew to get to see this and film it for us. Watch this stunning video below to see this rare capture!

Mobula Rays in The Middle of The Ocean Make for an Extraordinary Sight