Indian Rescue Workers Find Mange-Ridden Dog. Wait Until You See His Transformation!

There are a lot of stray dogs in countries like India. Heck, there are a LOT of animals wandering the streets of some cities. Sometimes, if you’re visiting, you may even see monkeys following you. Some are able to survive just fine, while others are in need of help. Sometimes, there are Good Samaritans, while other times, professional organizations are needed. One canine found himself in need of aid.

We see two rescue workers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India walk into a back alley. They find a dog that has severe mange and sores. He’s still friendly and seems to be seeking help. One of them tosses treats, which he gobbles up. After a few more seconds, one of them is easily able to pick him up and carry him to their truck, which they drive to their shelter. There, we see two other glove-wearing volunteers applying medicated shampoo and other things to help get rid of his mange and sores.

A month passes and we see the dog in a large fenced-in area at the shelter. He looks like a completely different dog without any sores and mange. His spirits are much higher… when the volunteer walks into the area, he bounds over to her and is jumping around her with joy. His tail is wagging at like 1,000 wags a second. This is one HAPPY dog. He knows that he was taken from a horrible situation and has a new lease on life.

That’s why organizations like Animal Aid are so important in place like India. They show how to help suffering animals and they also try to prevent the people who live there from becoming indifferent from the plight of these creatures. That’s why it’s good that there are volunteers who help. They can go home and spread the word… and bring in more help. Hopefully, this dog will wind up at a forever home.

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