Indiana Feek Spent Her Mother’s Last Days Making Her Smile. There Is No Joy Like Children!

When Joey Feek was diagnosed with cervical cancer, not long after her daughter Indiana was born, she was crushed. From that day forward, she and husband Rory did everything they could to make the most of their time left as a family.

Throughout it all, Indiana was able to make them smile. What a precious gift, to be able to have even a couple years with your child. During Joey’s final months, Rory often shared photos of Indy playing with Joey on the couple’s Facebook page.

The way he figures it, if these moments bring so much joy to himself and Joey, his fans will appreciate them, too. Joy is meant to be shared.

In February, just a month before Joey passed away, Rory shared a collage of photos of the couple and their child.It shows how all Indy needs to do is smile, and then mama is smiling along with her.

Though Joey and Rory had a lot of sadness in their lives the last couple years, their daughter was always a shining ray of brightness. They honor her birth and the light she has brought into their lives in their music video “If I Needed You”.

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