Indiana Man Walks His Cat On Leash. Wait Until You See What Does Next With The Kitty!

Anytime that you walk outside, there’s always a chance that you’ll see something unusual. Life’s funny that way. You can walk the same path for many days and then all of a sudden… BOOM… something different. It could be a celebrity sighting… though if you are in a certain area of New York City, you’ll probably see more celebrities than civilians.

If you live in Westfield, Indiana, for instance, there’s a good chance you would see a man walking a cat named Marley. You read that sentence correctly. Walking a cat. Not a dog. A cat. It goes much better than another video I wrote about, where a man put a harness and leash on a cat and he became basically a mop to be dragged around the floor. No, Marley is very different – he even shakes paws and fetches.

Not only will you see Marley with a leash, you’ll also see him riding in the front seat of his daddy’s convertible. No crate. He’s riding free and easy and even perches his front paws on the dashboard as his daddy drives. I don’t think his daddy would let him do that if he were driving on a highway, though. Maybe with the roof down and all the windows closed, because high winds on a highway could be disastrous. “Honey, did a cat just fly by us?”

It’s awesome that Marley’s dad does that with him with the car. I’m not sure how vet visits go, though. He probably needs a crate for that one. Maybe this kitty was a canine in a previous life and retains some traits. If he starts barking at any point, then you know that’s the case. One of my cats acts more like a dog than a cat. The lesson with all this though: From now on when you’re on a walk, just keep your eyes open – you never know what you’ll see out there.

What would you do if you saw Marley outside on his leash? I’d probably want to take about a zillion pictures. Have you seen anything like him before? Tell us all about it in the comments section! Please “Like” us on Facebook, too.

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