“Industrial chic” tiny home is perfect for one person

tiny home

Zane Fisher owns Extraordinary Structures, the company that designed the Saltbox tiny home. Saltbox refers to the slanted, asymmetrical rooflines found in New England. Zane adopted the style in his New Mexico homes because it provides enough space for a standard solar panel.

The kitchen and bathroom share a wall, so the entire plumbing system can be kept in one area. Since the space is used so efficiently, it leaves room for a full-size sink, refrigerator drawer, and plenty of storage in the kitchen.

The bathroom is small, which is standard for tiny homes. However, Zane included a deep cedar Japanese-style soaking tub to add a touch of luxury to the space. The bright whites and deep woods bring the Scandinavian aesthetic together.

tiny home

The saltbox home does include two separate sleeping options: a loft and a murphy bed that folds out. The wall bed can be stored to make room for guest seating.

This tiny home model can be built to fit the customer’s needs because it is so versatile. Zane points out that they can provide anything from a shell to a complete build, depending on what the customer wants.

tiny home

Zane believes that smaller, more innovative, minimalist spaces will continue to branch out as society evolves. Tiny houses can contribute to a healthy housing ecosystem as housing prices continue to rise.

Zane and the Extraordinary Structures team put so much thought into the design of the saltbox home that it is hard to imagine something more efficient. This excellent build will make a perfect tiny home for someone genuinely looking to make the most of their space!

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