Infertile Bird Adopts A Tiny Chick. But Wait Till You See What Happens 1 Month Later! OMG!

The video below features the birth and development of two adorable baby cockatiels from conception to a full month. This video is not only fascinating, but it is also very moving. Wait till you see it for yourself! You are going to be in complete awe!

Two-and-a-half-year-old cockatiel, Gordita, laid two eggs one day after a visit to her owner’s dad’s house where she met his cockatiel. The owner of Gordita tells a very amusing version of this story and includes some hilarious subtitles. One of the eggs hatched two days before the other, and we get to see it hatch in this video. The owner also adds some pretty funny commentary about Gordita missing the hatching so she can eat.

The owner felt bad for her other bird, Mocha, who had been laying infertile eggs for four years. When the second egg didn’t hatch with the other one, the owner got the idea to slip it under Mocha and see what happened.

The egg was adopted by Mocha the cockatiel, courtesy of their owner. This ten-year-old bird had been producing infertile eggs all her life.  But Mocha really rose to the occasion and was so happy to finally be a mother. The owner says she was really excited to see this happen. She documented it especially for her sister who wanted to see the pictures.

The video follows the hatchling’s one-month journey. It shows their development daily and includes lots of feedings and feathers. They are really sweet together and it’s an amazing thing to see.

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