Injured Older Dog Was Left At The Vet Ranch. Her Transformation Is SO Amazing.

I hate people who abandon animals with the fire of a thousand suns. They brought them to their homes with the unwritten contract that they will take care of them for the entirety of their lives. Abandoning them is a truly terrible thing to do and deserves nothing but scorn. If there’s no money, then do what the original owner of the dog did in this video – leave him or her at a shelter. They can get care there.

Someone left this older dog on the steps of the Vet Ranch. I guess they knew that she would get the best help there. Dr. Karri takes care of the pooch, whom she dubs Ginger Snap. After an exam, she discovers that one of her eyes has been damaged badly due to corneal injury. There’s no saving it, so it will have to go. Arthritis has also set in and some tendons have snapped. There’s a good amount of surgery to be done, but she can be saved.

As is the case with a majority of Vet Ranch videos, there was a moment or two of graphic footage. I don’t think Dr. Karri even thinks about it when filming, she deals with stuff like this every day so it’s not gross to her. There’s just a part when she shows us Ginger Snap’s eye and she pops it out to show the damage and I’m like “PUT IT BACK IN! NOW!” Mercifully, it’s a few seconds and then the rest of the video is fine. Still, you might want to shut your eyes for like 20 seconds when she’s got her on the operating table.

Ginger Snap rebounds quite nicely, not even showing much pain from her operation. She winds up not having any ill effects from having only one eye and she’s a spunky girl even with her advanced age. Hopefully she winds up in a forever home so that she can wind down her golden years in blissful happiness. Yet another good job by the people of Vet Ranch. Hopefully they can continue to help many other dogs.

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