Injured squirrel rescued by woman is the world’s cutest paper shredder

Alexandra lived in Valencia, Venezuela, with her husband. While she was at work, the security guard called her and informed her about an injured squirrel, later named Alvin. His nose was bleeding, and the poor baby even had a cut on his leg.

Alvin was dehydrated, so Alexandra took the tiny baby to her apartment. She started researching squirrels since she had never raised or treated these wild creatures. She fed the baby squirrel milk every four hours.

However, a vet later explained that he needed to be fed milk every two or three hours. Alexandra gave milk to the little one as advised. She woke up at night to provide Alvin with his milk bottle for about two weeks.

Two weeks later, Alvin opened his eyes for the first time and always laid on her. Soon the squirrel started to walk on his own. The owners began to feed the squirrel with watery fruits at one point.

They fed him apples, peaches, coconut, & nuts. Of all the fruits, Alvin’s favorite was the nuts. He even liked sunflower seeds a lot and devoured them. Since he was young, Alvin was very curious.

The squirrel was always accessible and chose to go wherever he wanted. He was never blocked in a cage. As soon as he saw Alexandra, he would climb up on her. Alvin showed up every day. He would always follow his owner inside the apartment and even cook with her. The squirrel never got off Alexandra.

Alvin was very playful at work and loved to climb up the printer and start chewing on the paper. However, when the squirrel was in the wild, he was independent. Seeing him free and living his life in the wild made the rescuer happy. So, after a few months, Alexandra released Alvin. He was now living happily in his natural habitat with his female companion.

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