Injured whale sharks trapped in fishing net, watch as divers perform rescue mission

Rescuing a shark caught in a fishing net might seem like an act of madness. How about rescuing four really big sharks who got caught in a net? As you’ll see, this wasn’t so crazy at all. Not only were the sharks an endangered species but they were also completely harmless.

These gentle giants of the deep are whale sharks, so named because of their enormous size. The largest whale shark on record was just over 41 feet long and weighed nearly 22 tons. They’re a warm water fish, found in tropical and near-tropical seas around the world. Along with only two other species of shark, whale sharks are “filter feeders,” running water through their mouths and eating whatever plankton, krill, fish eggs, crustaceans, and small fish they happen to vacuum up. Baleen whales feed in a similar manner, another reason for the name given this gigantic fish. It isn’t known how many whale sharks are out there, but based on what’s known about the impact of human activities on the ocean in general, they’re treated as an endangered species.

There was a dramatic scene off the coast of Indonesia when four whale sharks became trapped in a large fishing net. Fortunately for the trapped sharks, a team of divers was called in. Working carefully and with great precision, they gradually loosened the net. Two of the sharks were freed without much fuss. The other two were more entangled in the net, which required more work and a few encouraging pushes from the divers. Afterward, one of the sharks swam around appreciatively and even shook hands with a diver!

Have a look at the video posted below and you’ll see this amazing rescue unfold. You’ll also get some idea how big and yet docile these sharks can be.

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