Innovative man lives large in tent — have a look inside his mini palace

When Bryce Langston of New Zealand got tired of how much he was spending on rent, he decided to so something about it. He’d already been following the tiny house phenomenon — he created a YouTube channel called “Living Big In A Tiny House” — and now it was time to take the plunge himself.

Building his tiny house was going to take some time, though, and looked like he’d be stuck paying rent for awhile yet. But then he got an idea: “One day I was browsing the internet and I saw a picture of a Lotus Belle tent and it just looked beautiful. And, actually, the very fist thing I thought when I saw it was, ‘Someone could live in that!'”

That’s how it was that Bryce ended up living in a tent while his tiny house was built. But this was no pup tent. It’s a high-quality “Outback Luxury Tent” designed by Harriet Seddon and Jessica Walsh. It’s round and at 16 feet across, surprisingly spacious. Bryce has set up a solar panel outside to power a 12 volt electrical system; among other things, that allows for a tiny refrigerator. The tent has running water (propane-fueled heater) and a wood-burning stove for cooking and heat. The bathroom is in a small tiki-style outbuilding with walls made of bamboo Bryce cut himself — he loves its treehouse vibe. It also has running water, although the toilet works by composting.

Check out the video posted below and you’ll see why Bryce says, “I have to say, it feels so good to be here now. This is probably the most beautiful and serene space that I’ve ever lived. I actually feel really lucky to be here.”

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