Insane Man Risks It All To Free A Massive Timber Wolf From A Dangerous Trap

We recently touched base on the fact that hunters have somewhat of a bad name. Many people see them as frivolous human beings who hunt and kill for the pleasure of it. Sometimes they tend to forget that hunters can also have a big heart. They love animals as much as we all do. Many of them have pets themselves.

They don’t go hunting out of hate for them. If they see an animal in distress they will go out of their way to help them. We recently talked about a hunter who was on his way home when he discovered at deer trapped in barbed wire. He got out of his truck and saved the scared animal. He was risking getting injured but thought it was still worth it. He is not a rare occurrence by any means.

Some hunters go out of their way to help one of the most magnificent and beautiful animals. They are checking around a specific area that they have mapped out. It’s an area that they usually go to encounter many different and beautiful species. Some people set traps for many animals.

The problem with traps is that you set them wanting to catch one animal and end up catching a different one. Some of these traps are severely outdated. In the case of animals who can free themselves, they get very serious infections as a result. Some of them can recover, but sadly not all of them make it.

This group of hunters sees one of the traps that has caught something. Initially, they hear the animal wanting to free himself but struggling to do so. They get closer and are stunned at what they see. It’s a big beautiful gray Timberwolf! These animals might look medium-sized on television, but believe me, they are huge. One of their paws can be almost the size of your hand and I’m not kidding.

The hunter realizes the animal will not be able to free himself from the trap. Despite what his friends say, he decides to try to help the wolf. The problem is how to do it without getting attacked. Besides their enormous size and strength, wolves have a very strong bite. If one of them ever bites your arm with force, he can pretty much fracture it or even break it. The hunter devices a very clever way of freeing the animal which you won’t believe!