International barbershop quartet collaboration sings “Hello Mary Lou”

If you love barbershop quartets, you will go nuts over this version of Ricky Nelson’s “Hello Mary Lou.” The quartet members come from all over the world to bring you sweet, sweet harmony.

Sonny Vande Putte from Belgium is the lead singer. He invited his friend Dieter Verhofstadt from Belgium/Suriname to accompany him as a baritone singer. Julien Neel from France arranged the collaboration.

Julien sings the bass and also puts the tracks together. They needed just one more singer to complete their quartet. That’s where Enrico Imbalzano from Italy comes in with his splendid tenor.

The four gentlemen each recorded single tracks in their home countries. Julien edited the video and audio to develop a fabulous rendition of the hit song “Hello Mary Lou.”

Each of them contributes their own personal flair to the song. They truly exemplify what it means to be a harmonious barbershop quartet. What a joy to see such a remarkable international collaboration!

The quartet finished their song by holding some impressively long notes. Each one fades out until only Enrico is left holding a paper heart which he tosses away with a sigh.

Barbershop quartets may be an old-fashioned way to do Acappella. However, these four talented gentlemen prove that it is still a brilliant way to bring music to the world.

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