When The Internet Found Out About This Cat’s Condition, So Many People Wanted To Help Out!

Bebe the cat was born with Manx Syndrome. The condition means that he has two vertebrae missing in his spine he does not have control over bowels. His rescuers from Cats At The Studios Rescue, in collaboration with The Pet Collective, used Bebe to make a video educating populous about Manx Syndrome.

What happened next could not have been predicted by anyone. The video quickly went viral and people started offering to help out Bebe. Such a wondrous show of empathy and compassion would not have been possible before the widespread of the Internet. It’s incredible to think that this human technology is helping to better the lives of animals.

Watch this amazing video and see Bebe’s journey. This is a truly inspiring cat who has gone through tremendous hardship in order to just live every day.

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