Interview with Meghan Markle’s sister – what she reveals is incredible!

When Prince Harry popped the question to American Meghan Markle last year the world went crazy for it, and it seems that the media has been working round the clock to bring you constant, uninterrupted coverage of this highly anticipated event. And in many cases, like they often do, the media has used this circus to gloss over the more important and significant news stories it should really be telling. And then of course, there’s the slander and lies they spread in order to sell newspapers or achieve high ratings.

Media whitewashes aside, one such topic of much debate has been the relationship Meghan Markle has with her immediate family, with her older half-sister releasing a supposedly scathing book about what goes on behind closed doors at the Markles. “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister” has been penned by Samantha Markle (or Samantha Grant as she’s also known) and media rags like abominable British newspaper ‘The Sun,’ expected it to be nothing more than a shameless cash-in.

Samantha herself is interviewed here on a British TV show to dispel those rumours, particularly when it comes to the title of the book and her own relationship with her half-sister. And as much as the interviewers try and trip her up – Samantha holds her own and gives some startlingly honest answers – a breath of fresh air with all the lies and slander that always surrounds a Royal wedding – as the media go on a witch hunt to make money and peddle their comic-book rags.

Also under the spotlight has been Meghan’s relationship with her father – with many believing him to be estranged and living a reclusive life in Mexico. While he might well be trying to exist out of the public glare, Samantha confirms that there is no rift between Thomas and his daughter Meghan – and that come hell or high water he will be walking her down the aisle.

That’s one in the eye for newspapers like The Sun – and the paparazzi who won’t leave these people alone!

Watch the video and see for yourself this interesting exchange, as Samantha calmly debunks the crazed notions, nonsense and muck that the tabloid press has been spreading. And while we’re at it – remember to check your sources and don’t believe everything you read in the news! Hopefully, this wonderful wedding can happen without anyone else trying to spoil it – and we can’t wait!