The Interview Starts Out Fine, However By The End She Is Running Away Crying Because THIS Happened!

All news reporters will be a little more careful after seeing this hilarious but embaressing video – they’ll also probably think twice about wearing white pants on camera!

This poor reporter is definitely regretting her fashion choice after losing control of her bowels during an interview. She started out confident and poised, but by the end she was running away in shame.

The interview begins and all is well, both the reporter and the subject are looking slick, sounding good, no problems so far.

Maybe 30 seconds in, she starts to grasp at her stomach in discomfort, and they take a pause. If only they had stopped right there.

She waved the cameraman on the continued talking, which in hindsight was really her biggest mistake. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Next you can tell she is just horrified by what is happening, first looking out in fear then turning and running away, covering up her soiled pants to try and spare herself some dignity.

Whether it actually worked is up for debate, but there really isn’t any way to gracefully exit that situation. Hopefully she doesn’t let it happen again! Maybe she had some bad Indian food or something, who knows.

What would you have done in this embarrassing situation? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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