They Introduce A Young Boy To His New Dog Friend, And It’s As Cute As It Gets.

Getting a new member of the family into your home for the first time can be a very tense situation. After all, the other younger members of the family can always react in the most unexpected ways, and you can never accurately predict if everything will go as smoothly as you wish for. Luckily, dogs are some of the most charming beings that live in this world, so getting a toddler used to a boy is a nice way to teach them how to accept new friends!

Joshua, the little boy in the video below, was about to meet his new brother for the very first time. His parents weren’t sure if the dog and the boy were going to get along as well as they wished for, but they hoped for the best. When Toby got home, however, it was even more beautiful that they could ever imagine!

Joshua and Toby’s amazing friendship has taken the internet by storm, and it’s a perfect demonstration of the amazing bond that a dog can have with a human, even when they’re still pretty young. If you have a kid of your own, you’ll definitely consider introducing them to an animal friend after watching this cute video!

See this incredible friendship between boy and dog for yourself in the video just below.

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