Inventive Young Dog Finds A Crafty Way To Escape His Confining Cage. How Bafflingly Smart!

Borders, walls, cages- these things share an idea. To keep someone or something in or out. Throughout most of experiences in life, there is a “box” we are supposed to think outside of. We are supposed to transcend the regular train of thought and move beyond it to reach something that others haven’t been able to touch. Something that is out of the ordinary and something that can be hard to grasp. Yet, even with this idea, there are still very real implications when it comes to the idea of boxes and cages. Sometimes, it’s not a mental prison, but an actual one that is limiting you. Even in these cases, it’s important to not only “think outside the box,” but also get yourself outside. To be free and happy even when others would have you in a cage. I’m not saying do a jail break, merely that some dogs can’t stand being caged. When it comes to one precious pup being locked in a cage, he’s find the craftiest way to find himself free.

This has left mom and dad absolutely confused. They don’t seem to understand how he keeps getting out. After enough times of him escaping, they decide it’s finally time to find out. When you see his resourceful methods, I know you’ll be absolutely tickled by how he does it. I know when I first saw how he did it, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I couldn’t stop laughing.

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