Invite Christmas Into Your Home With Peter Hollens’ Performance of ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’

‘O come, O come, Emmanuel’ Sung By Peter HollensTalented voice artist and acapella extraordinaire Peter Hollens heralds in Christmas with the classic carol ‘O come, O come, Emmanuel.’ Telling a hauntingly beautiful tale of the birth of baby Jesus, Peter inspires while welcoming the holiday spirit into the home.

You can feel the power flowing from this artist’s amazing rendition of a song originally translated in 1861 but with roots stretching far further back than that. This hymn’s origins can actually be traced back to the early 12th century, calling out rejoiceful cries of praise and worship.

Don’t miss the way that Peter Hollens has once again recreated one of the most iconic Christmas hymns – ‘O come, O come, Emannuel,’ into a carol that we all can’t help singing along to. It sets the ideal tone for your Christmas countdown while reminding us exactly why this holiday is so important.