Irish Wolfhound Brother and Sister Love Giving Kisses to Grandma with Alzheimer’s

With their towering height and affectionate personalities, Irish wolfhound siblings Liadan and Mulligan are hard to forget. In fact, the pair is one of the things one 76-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s remembers without difficulty.

Liadan and Mulligan just can’t wait to see their grandma when she visits. As soon as she sits on the couch, Liadan hops up and begins licking her face, then curls up next to her, taking up an entire cushion with her enormous frame.

Brother Mulligan isn’t far behind. Within seconds, he leaps up onto his grandma’s other side, and both pups resume the love fest. The woman simultaneously pets both dogs and wipes drool off her face while laughing the entire time.

The dogs’ owner said her mother has Alzheimer’s, but the dogs seem to have stuck in her memory. Their owner said her mom always asks about the dogs, and she always remembers their names.