Irritated cats deny friendship with dogs – until they make up in the end!

We all know how cats and dogs are meant to feel about each other. Our two most loved, domesticated animals don’t always get on, given that they both have completely different temperaments, and since they’ve been around, they have formed a unique relationship. This video is a short tribute to the best of frenemies!

It all starts innocently enough – as it usually does when dogs and cats interact! The curious K-9 has a tentative sniff towards the feline, and then usually makes a fool out of themselves trying to impress the nonchalant cat! You only have to look at Garfield and Odie’s relationship in the famous comic strip to know exactly what we’re talking about!

And that’s pretty much what happens here as each pooch plays silly devils to try and get the cat to play – when most of the time the cat isn’t having any of it! Dogs can be goofy creatures, with boundless energy and a huge desire to make friends, play with other animals and run around like headless chickens until they drop! Cats on the other hand, tend to just sit there in supercilious superiority – as if everyone should be worshipping them like they did in ancient Egypt! They look on with distaste, totally unimpressed by whatever antics the dog is getting up to. When these two characters meet – there’s always going to be fireworks!

And so, like a jilted boyfriend trying to apologise to their partner, dogs do their best to get a cat’s attention. Unfazed, cats simply sit there and hope this annoying beast with his tongue hanging out will go away! But sometimes, for maximum cuteness overload, the cat will let their guard down, and cozy on up to the dog. And when they do that – it’s utterly adorable.

It’s always amazing to see animals who are traditional nemeses actually getting on, and cats and dogs are probably the best examples of this. It’s wonderful to witness cats enjoying dogs nuzzling in and licking their fur, and the same can be said vice-versa. This video is the perfect example of two warring factions coming together to settle their differences and snuggle up in the most amazing way. But you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be fighting again in no time at all!

Don’t miss these hilarious battles in the footage below – and share with your cat and dog loving friends and family.