Is this the world’s smartest goat?

Goat and horse

When Amy took her dog out for a walk, she saw her pet goat Arret standing on her horse, Bouge’s back. At first, she thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing and was excited. However, as weeks passed, she found the intelligent goat climbing on the horse repeatedly. Finally, Arret figured that he could use Bouge to get to all the tall branches and trees.

Goat and horse

The goat even took the opportunity and steered the majestic horse to the best of his ability. He used a pawing motion to get the horse to move forward, which was very similar to how a human would ask a horse to move.

On the other hand, Bouge really enjoyed the scratches on the back. If Bouge did not walk around, Arret would start to paw on his shoulder quicker as if he was telling his friend to hurry up. The names Arret meant “Stop,” and Bouge meant “Move” in French.

Goat and horse

Amy had 50 animals on her farm, but the ones with the French name found comfort in one another. The farm was located in British Columbia, Canada, and all the animals at the farm were companion animals.

Bouge was 15 years old and used to be an outfitter horse. So, he went up to the Rocky Mountains for hunting trips. When she saw his snap, she fell in love with him. So, they went on an 11-hour drive to get him home.

Goat and horses

Amy only wanted Bouge to have a happy and relaxed life. When they got him, he was a bit skeptical about the surroundings. Amy spent a lot of time with the horse, and soon he became very friendly. His personality changed quite a bit. He was now curious about everyone.

Arret had come to the farm with another goat. There were two baby goats, and she decided to take them in. Amy found Arret very bold and brave and was actually a clown. The other goats looked up to him. However, his friendship with Bouge was very different. He even took a nap with the horses. Amy thought Bouge was now Arret’s horse.

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