It isn’t easy to open Christmas presents if you have paws, but it can be done

As all pet parents know, our furry friends aren’t mere livestock. They’re members of the family. We love them dearly and coddle them outrageously. And at Christmastime, we definitely don’t forget them. Perhaps the cat will find a new supply of toy mice under the tree (to replace the ones knocked under bookcases and furniture). A dog that’s been good all year can look forward to Santa bringing some tasty treats, a deluxe bone, or some delightful new toy. Pet supplies are a big business and nowadays you can go on-line and with a few mouse clicks, have a bunch of different lists of suggested pet presents at your fingertips.

Part of the fun of receiving gifts is unwrapping them. As humans, we take opposable thumbs for granted. For pets, getting a present unwrapped is more of a challenge.

The video posted below is a really cute compilation of dogs unwrapping Christmas presents. Seeing how happy these dogs are about getting presents will melt your heart. But you’ll also get plenty of laughs from watching them tear off the wrapping paper. Each dog has his or her own technique for getting at the goods. For some, it’s a matter of relatively dainty ripping. Others chomp down and vigorously move their heads from side to side, as if they had a burglar’s leg in their jaws. A few clever dogs find a way to ease the present out of the wrapping paper without making a mess. You’ll see dogs of every size and shape having a very merry Christmas.

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