An Israeli Zoo Got A Litter Of Kittens. They Weren’t Expecting THIS To Happen.

It’s always an exciting event at a zoo when rare animals are brought in. Add the fact that this particular mammal has been extinct in your country for a while and it’s truly a momentous occasion. That’s what happened at the Tel Aviv Zoo in Israel. A group of sand cat kittens were brought in to be part of an exhibit. This video shows these kittens in all their cute glory.

These sand cats were extinct in Israel, but there has been a successful effort to breed them in captivity. They must be in a zoo, these are not animals that you can domesticate and keep at home. I’m sure there are some really rich people out there that would love to try, though, just as a status symbol. These are the same people that you hear stories about them being eaten by their “pet” lions and tigers. Let the zoo handle them.

I have to say that these cats are adorable. Yes, they are still kittens, but they look like they will grow into handsome or beautiful cats, depending on their gender. I could have really done without seeing them eat dead rats or mice, but hey, they have to eat to live, no? I was at a nature preserve when a worker dropped a live mouse in with a snake. That was theater I could have definitely skipped, but it was mesmerizing in its own way…

These sand cats are very similar to a house cat, but there are extra pads on their feet and they have larger ears, all the better for them to adapt to living in a desert. Well, the name “sand cats” is a large enough hint there – it’s not because the color of their fur is the same as sand. It’s a shame that they became endangered, but it looks like they are on the rebound. Hope that this group helps them on the way to the goal of becoming un-endangered.

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