Italian Opera Star Andrea Bocelli Joins Helene Fischer for Cover of “When I Fall in Love”

There’s a good reason why love songs have been around for so long. People adore listening to the heartwarming lyrics and the soulful voices that sing them. Andrea Bocelli joins famous friends to belt out a cover of “When I Fall in Love.”

David Foster kicks the video off by telling Bocelli that he’s going to sing with a star that he’s never performed with before. That’s when we see the stunning German singer Helene Fischer take the stage.

Backing the two talented singers is a trumpeter and composer by the name of Chris Botti. “When I Fall in Love” was initially written and released in1952 by Victor Young and Edward Heyman. It’s a sweet, classic love song that will have you swooning as soon as they start singing.

A myriad of artists have covered this love ballad throughout the years, but no one does it quite like Andrea Bocelli and Helene Fischer. Her voice perfectly pairs with his, and there’s no denying that the two have chemistry on the stage. What a lucky crowd, indeed.