It’s 1977 and “Stayin’ Alive” is playing on everyone’s radios. Do you remember?

It’s 1977 and “Stayin’ Alive” is playing on everyone’s radios. Do you remember?

This fabulous and funky disco song was written and performed by none other than the Bee Gees from the Saturday Night Fever motion picture soundtrack and we know you can already feel the beat, can’t you?

“Stayin’ Alive” was released on 13 December 1977 as the second single from the original movie soundtrack. The Bee Gees co-produced the song with the help of two very talented musicians, Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson.

I don’t need to tell you this is the Bee Gees’ signature song. It’s a timeless classic that’s never going away. In 2004, “Stayin’ Alive” was placed at number 189 on the list of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

In 2004, it ranked No. 9 on all time top memorable songs from the top 100 movies in American cinema. A Madly Odd fact for our UK friends: In a UK television poll on ITV in December 2011 it was voted fifth in “The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees Song”.

When it was released, “Stayin’ Alive” climbed the charts to hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of 4 February 1978, staying there for four whole weeks. I know you remember this. I sure do.

In the process, “Stayin’ Alive” became one of the Bee Gees most recognizable tunes because of its place at the beginning of hit movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta.

In the United States, it would go on to become the second of six consecutive number-one singles, tying the record with THE BEATLES!!! Yes, tied for most consecutive number ones in the US at the time. A piece of trivia for you: This record was broken by Whitney Houston who achieved an amazing seven consecutive number-ones).

I know all that music talk is hard to handle for some and to be frank, we all know why we’re here. Boys, hit it!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wooo! Didn’t that take you back?! Now look, I admit watched that about six times, but who’s counting? Now, you can’t go yet before watch this. It’s a quickie:

How old where you when you remember hearing and seeing these flashes from the past?