It’s A Prison Break Of Epic Paw-Portions When These Wiener Dogs Get Busted

It was just an ordinary day, the perfect kind, for strolling around the neighborhood…You know, and maybe pooping on your neighbor’s doorstep! Crusoe and Oakley, miniature dachshund brothers, get caught in the act, though!

They end up locked up in the pokey for this “misdewiener crime.” Unfortunately, it will take mom a few days to get the bail money together, and Oakley wasted his one phone call on ordering a pizza. Now, they will have to find a way to escape!

Like a true prison break story, our inmates try brute force. They paw at the bars, chew at the wall, bark, and look highly offended at the entire ordeal! Next, they make a break for it, using the prison laundry system.

That doesn’t appear to work as they bring Oakley back. However, he has a surprise up his…er, sleeve? Anyway, it’s the key! This is great because now they can use the key to get out, grab the adorable little puppy-sized jackhammer that is sitting there, and bring it back to the cell. Then they will do what dachshunds well and dig their way out! The conclusion is simply the most adorable thing ever!