It’s Lovely Weather For A ‘Sleigh Ride’ With The US Navy Band

'Sleigh Ride' by The United States Navy BandUnited States service bands never cease to amaze. Here we have the United States Navy Band delivering a mindblowing performance of the iconic Christmas song ‘Sleigh Ride.’ It is a wonderfully uplifting journey that suits the distinctive sounds of a full ensemble perfectly, bring out the meaning of this timeless song in a melody that can’t be missed this holiday.

This is the same song that so many of us remember from high school, and as any artist will tell you, it’s also one of the most fun holiday arrangements to play. The happiness can be felt as these talented musicians put their all into a flawless performance that’s as good as any instructor, artist, or savant could ever hope.

Take a Christmas journey with The United States Navy Band as they play you through one of the most powerful classical ensemble arrangements of this track that you’ll ever hear. ‘Sleigh Ride’ sets the perfect tone for easing into the holidays while overflowing with joy and good tidings from the high-spirited infusion of good music.

It\'s Lovely Weather For A \'Sleigh Ride\' With The US Navy Band