It’s Not Always Easy To Be The New Guy Even For This Adorable Kitty!

This tale starts with some background information. The owner of the video has a beautiful dog named Romy. Romy’s afraid of dogs, but she gets along great with cats. So her owner decided to adopt kitten to keep Romy company. The owner went out and adopted the cutest kitty possible, Ricky!

The whole story is narrated by a seven year old boy and it fits perfectly with the rest of the video. It’s just such a great story that you a) are filled with happiness and b) you want to watch it again! I watched it again just for Ricky’s reactions to taking a bath and getting toweled off afterwards!

It’s funny that after Ricky took his bath Romy was interested in Ricky. Maybe Ricky smelled funny haha! But now that that’s history, the two look perfectly happy next to each other. Let your friends know of this awesome story and share this video!

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