Somehow, When Pentatonix Covers A Song, It Always Seems To Be The Best Version Ever

Pentatonix is perhaps one of the most popular acapella vocal groups in mainstream music. They rose to fame after winning the third season of the talent show, The Sing Off, on NBC. Their YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers already. No wonder so many people are tuned in to them, as they release such stellar songs like the one below.

Pentatonix released this number in 2017, an acapella rendition of the classic “Hallelujah.” The song has been covered by hundreds of artists. But the way that their individual voices combine together in such perfect harmony is just stunning. This song is a part of their album, A Pentatonix Christmas, and the video has over 475 MILLION views as I write this.


In this clip, the members of the group are walking on a beach, and each one is filmed individually. First, we see the lead singer, but then we see each member walking along the beach alone, singing their part. It really shows how important the individual is, and when put together, the harmony they create is amazing.

It looks like this famous group has another holiday hit on their hands. The song is just beautiful to listen to, and it is a unique acapella rendition that will make you feel are warm and fuzzy for the holidays.