I’ve heard “Can’t Help Falling In Love with You” a thousand times, but when he sings it… WHOA

“Hey, my name is Andrew James. I am 22 and live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am looking to go far in the country music see and be a good influence on others.” 

So begins the intro to our next video. My wife asked me to compare this song done by Elvis Presley and then by Andrea Bocelli. I thought they were good, but then I started to browse Youtube fora better arrangement, and I found this. I think I might prefer this guy over those two famous singers! He is very careful preserving the original melody, not trying to “improve” it like Bocelli, and the two-part harmony is beautiful!  If Elvis is the King this guy could be a prince.

Elvis Presley is without a doubt one of the best singers that have existed. With his deep silky voice, he was able to capture the hearts of millions. He was known for being a generous man as well as a great singer. He was one of those people that didn’t change his view of money and how to use it. He became even more generous when he had more.

His songs have been classics that people love to sing and have been covered by many people. Many people make the trip to Graceland to take the Elvis tour, complete with the visit to where he grew up and some of the places he lived in. If you talk to the many people that lived there at the time of Elvis’s rise to fame, they will tell you amazing and heart-warming stories.

There was one day that Elvis had gone out and took one of his famous Cadillacs. These cars were quite a novelty back then, as well as must-have items for the rich and famous. Back in the day, you could catch a glimpse of Elvis visiting the local businesses or just driving around in his cars. Sometimes, he would go by himself or with his family.

His daughter was a toddler back then, but she had always been a daddy’s girl. So, wherever her dad had to go, she had to go as well. This one time, he had gone by himself and had just pumped gas at a gas station. He was approached by a group of fans that wanted his autograph. They were very happy to have seen him and he was always happy to sign autographs and share time with his fans.

This time, one of his fans commented on his car. He said that it was a very beautiful car and that he was lucky enough that day to have seen him driving it. Elvis, being as generous as he was, decided to give that man the car. It was one of those gestures that you don’t get to see nowadays. This would catapult him into the realm of megastar and legend.

His songs have become legendary as many artists continue to cover them. One of the best renditions I have ever listened to is the song “I can’t help falling in love with you,” by a couple of young singers. The guy sounds a lot like Elvis and the girl gives the song a unique sound. Is this the best cover of all time? You be the judge.

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