I’ve Heard “Hallelujah” A Million Times Before, But Never Like This

Leonard Cohen’s legendary song “Hallelujah” is a tune loved by all and mostly sung around the holidays. It wasn’t originally as popular as it is now, but Jeff Buckley’s version really shot it to fame. There have been hundreds of versions of the song over the years, but perhaps the one in this video is most ideal for holiday season. It certainly is a favorite of mine since I heard it for the first time.

This video shows a version of “Hallelujah” with modified lyrics. The lyrics are changed to describe the birth of Jesus and all that he went through for the sake of everyone. The new lyrics work just as well with the song, and the voices blend together beautifully to create the perfect harmony for the song. Watching this video just brings a tear in your eye, don’t you agree?

The video shows the lyrics of the song as they play out the birth of Jesus, with the shepherds on their camels and the North Star in the sky. It is a really beautiful video that goes perfectly with this rendition of the song. It will really make you think about the real meaning of Christmas.

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