I’ve Heard Many Christmas Stories, But None Like This

This cute clip shows us the story of the birth of Jesus, but it has quite a modern take on the story from the point of view of some children who put on quite a show. It is titled “An Unexpected Christmas” and the way it is told will steal your heart away, and also make you really think about the true meaning of Christmas.

This was performed by the kids of St Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Their script was based on a book called “An Unexpected Christmas” by Simone Graham, whose kids are also in the film. The music is an original score by Nathan King and it has not been published separately. Wait till you see this beautiful story.

The clip opens with a scene from heaven and children in beautiful costumes. The young boy playing God is looking down on Earth, unhappy with what he sees, and he describes his solution the angels, all of which seem to have an opinion of what he should do. But he gets a lot of support from one angel in particular who has only one line that he repeats over and over, but it adds an element of humour and amusement to the story, as do his various costumes.

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