I’ve Heard A Million Versions Of “Hallelujah” But Never Like This

Artist Lindsey Stirling has recently released a music video for this Christmas. This amazing violinist began playing the famous “Hallelujah” on the New York City subway. Strangers that saw her were totally puzzled, but after she started playing, they were stunned at what they heard. They were completely blown away when she played the holiday tune by herself.

The video also shows clips of Lindsey with her fans, some of whom are very young and aspiring to be like her. She meets and greets them personably. We also see her performing on stage where not only does she play, she dances as plays, which is a truly unique talent.

This is a great gift to her fans for this Christmas season. She says “I’ve realized that a lot of times that I fail to see the beauty that is in the moments and the people that surround me every single day. Making this video was a really humbling experience and it honestly reminded me of a time when I honestly felt like no one saw the beauty in me.” She meets a lot of fans while filming this video, and I’m sure they had as much influence on her as she does on them.

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