I’ve Never Seen a Dog Look So Guilty! When This Retriever Tries to Make Amends? The Owner Folds Like a House of Cards.

It’s not always easy pleasing all the people all the time. In fact, it’s close to impossible, so some people get left in the way side. But when you accidently screw over someone you deeply care about, its crushing. You just want to be able to make everything alright. Take it back to when both of you were on solid, even footing. That’s unfortunately not possible in most, if not all cases. Once a ship sails, sure as ships, it sails.

This lovable Labrador retriever knows he’s screwed up. It’s written all over his face. If anyone were to pass by and side glanced the preciously regretful hound, a verdict of guilty wouldn’t be that hard to arrive at. In fact, I believe that would be most people’s immediate gut instinct. Luckless pup just wants to make everything okay again… Like before he destroyed the bedroom.
The guilt this ill-fated pooch is clearly wracked with pours out all over his stern but firm father. Upon the first approach, Dad clearly isn’t in the mood to make up yet. However, most dogs don’t seem to pick up on “I’m not in the mood” or “I’m carrying a lot of things and you weigh too much and…” crash. This beautiful hound is no different than any of the other cases.

He cautiously approaches his usually lovable and bubbly father. However, it is far too soon for Dad to accept his precious fur baby’s behavior. With dedication and the saddest look, the guilt-ridden hound lay himself at the mercy of angry Dad. The hapless pup examines his loving pops again, hoping for a trace of forgivenance that hasn’t happened since the previous two-second eternity.
He doesn’t raise his voice at all, so it may be possible that he over-reacted a bit too much earlier. He calmly tells the dog “nananana- there’s no way you’re getting off the hook that easily. “However, not one to be deterred easily, this brave white-coated trouble-maker pushes again and again. His head falling hard on his dad’s shoulder. Almost as if to say “I’m SOOOOOOOOOO Sorry. I Love you, I feel terrible. You feel terrible, I know I did something bad. Maybe just cuddle with me…”

When dad finally gets ready to forgive? Naw I won’t spoil it. What’d you think? Isn’t that the saddest, most guilty and regretful looking dog you ever saw? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment box below!

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