Jack Russell tries to stay up and see Santa: he got a nice present, anyway

After all the other preparations are done — lights strung, tree decorated, and stockings hung with care — it’s time for one final pre-Christmas ritual, at least if you’ve got any little kids in the house. The first part of the ritual is the boast, “I’m gonna stay up all night and see Santa!” Hearing this, his or her parents will usually exchange a knowing glance, as if to say, “Ha! Won’t even make it past midnight.” The other part of the ritual is leaving out a glass of milk and a plate of cookies for the Jolly Old Elf. Even with a whole team of reindeer to help with the sleigh, circling the globe and delivering presents is a lot of work. The least anyone can do is leave him a snack.

But Christmas isn’t just for children: dogs can get in on the fun, too! In the video posted below, you’ll see an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier who is determined to stay up as late as necessary so he can see St. Nicholas. The terrier hangs his stocking on his doghouse and then sets out a glass of milk and plate of cookies. Then he stands up and barks at the sky, roughly translated: “Hey, Santa! Over here! C’mon! Hurry!”

Dogs are, to a remarkable degree, highly disciplined animals, but they aren’t always entirely patient. The Jack Russell lies down to pretend to sleep but soon gets up and walks around a bit. Returning to the doghouse, he can’t help but scarf down one of the cookies. Hey, surely, Santa won’t miss one cookie; I mean, he’s getting so many millions more, right?

Despite his best efforts, the Jack Russell nods off to sleep. This, of course, is when Kris Kringle shows up and leaves a present that the dog is going to be very excited about in the morning.

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