A jaguar jumps on a tiny dog. Moments later, no one can believe the outcome!

Have you had a pet that many people considered dangerous? In a world of cats and dogs, many people consider anything else to be out of the question. Growing up, I had my share of pets that many people considered dangerous, like a snake. I would sometimes go out to the store to buy something my mother needed carrying my pet snake, his name was Ollie.

Ollie was a snake that I found when I was doing some hiking near my home with my friends. Ollie was very easygoing, he never attacked anyone and liked when people got close to pet him. One day, my school had a special day called, “bring-your-pet day’. We were advised to bring our pets and talk about them for 2 minutes.

The idea was that if your pet was too big for you to bring, then you should only bring a picture. Most of my friends brought small dogs such as a Terriers, Jack Russel’s or Poodles. One of my friends brought a hamster and another one, a cat. They all told interesting stories about them, what they loved to eat and what kind of games they enjoyed playing with them.

When it was my turn to talk, everyone gasped when I took out my snake. The teacher immediately asked me if the snake would not bite, and I assured her Ollie didn’t bite. I told them the story of how I had found him and what he liked to do. I think that day, I helped break the paradigm that all snakes were dangerous.

I have also seen some videos of people who keep very dangerous animals as pets. One video that I saw was one where a millionaire in Dubai is showing his pet tiger on social media. He has uploaded several videos where he is seen playing with his tiger and feeding him. Sometimes, his friends go to visit him, and he dares them to get close to the tiger.

This is not the only case where I have seen dangerous animals. I recently saw a video of a couple who have an enclosure where they rescue animals. Many of them have been rescued since they were cubs or puppies. The couple has a Jack Russell who is very playful. One day, the dog decides he will pay a visit to one of the animals there, a jaguar. He gets into the enclosure and the jaguar lunges at him. What do you think happened next?