Jam session while teacher is away earns students 15M views

These talented students know just how to pass the time. When the choir teacher is away, these high school students have some fun in the music room.

We all know the feeling. When your band or choir teacher leaves you to your own devices, you begin to realize that you and all of your musically-inclined friends have the power to create beautiful things.

That’s what these music students did. They worked together to create a pitch-perfect rendition of a few instrumental favorites, including the Nintendo Wii theme song and classic ‘Heart & Soul’.

They’re great at capturing the essence of each song, and the way they work together is truly inspiring! What really catches our eye is the way that they love what they’re doing.

Zoom in on the kid in the green sweatshirt. Even though he’s just on symbols in the beginning, he’s dancing and grinning at the camera. Just behind him, a boy in a grey sweatshirt puts so much effort into his notes even though his part only comes every few seconds.

Together, these music students certainly know how to put on a show. Their silly collaboration has earned them nearly 15 million views already!

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Jam session while teacher is away earns students 15M views