Jamie Foxx doing musical impressions? This will leave you speechless!

Is there nothing Jamie Foxx can’t do?! The uber-talented actor, singer, songwriter, producer and comedian is apparently also amazing at celebrity impressions! He gets to show off his jaw-dropping talent in front of a live studio audience – and they can’t believe what happens next!

When Jimmy Fallon invited the Django Unchained star to be a guest on “The Tonight Show,” we knew it was going to be entertaining, but nothing quite prepared us for this. Jamie takes it to a whole new level when throwing himself into the popular “wheel of impressions” challenge.

For those not in the know, Jimmy regularly does a slot whereby an electronic wheel is rotated to randomly select another celebrity or famous person. Guests compete with their host to see who can deliver the most accurate impression – and the results are often hilarious. This time, they’re ramping it up a notch with musical impressions – and there’s probably nobody more suited to go toe to toe with Jimmy Fallon than Jamie Foxx!

The special magic buzzer is pressed to randomly select a singer and a song title. Then there’s no backing down as guest and host have to battle it out for the crown, doing an impression of that singer performing that song! But it’s not as straightforward as it seems, and Jamie is up first singing an impression of rock legend Mick Jagger to the unlikely song Hakuna Matata! You won’t believe your eyes or ears as Jamie effortlessly nails the characteristics of the Rolling Stones’ frontman – right down to his famous on-stage movement and iconic lips!

Even Jimmy Fallon is astounded at the performance, giving Foxx a standing ovation before finishing – and that’s just the first one! He knocks it out the park.

Jimmy goes next with his take on the Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb, which is never easy considering his falsetto voice! The two funny men then proceed to rattle through famous singers singing bizarre songs, and while Jimmy does his best with his own brilliant talent – he’s really no match for Jamie Foxx on this occasion. Both the audience and Fallon are in stitches – and we’re sure you will be too. He even manages to finish the challenge with an amazing rendition of “On Top of Spaghetti” singing as Jennifer Hudson! There’s little wonder why Jamie is one of the most in-demand actors working today. Check out Jamie’s star calibre in the video here.