When She Jammed This Thing In Her Nose, I Was Baffled. But What It’s Meant To Do? NO WAY. LOL!

Japan has long been known for incredible technology, delicious tea, the best (only) real sushi and… beauty products? That last one is a bit new but soon you’ll see why everyone is talking about these 5 crazy Japanese beauty tools!

The girls at Clevver Style decided to try out these five weird products so we don’t have to – hopefully this isn’t going to be the ear candle all over again.

The first weird beauty tool that they try is something that seems to “lift” the face by pushing on the cheekbones. Pretty much it looks like a mix between a pig mask and swimming goggles, but hey it ain’t easy being beautiful! Lily doesn’t really seem to enjoy this one but really how could you? Apparently it hurts too – probably not worth the effort and expensive shipping.

The next is called a “Face Belt”, said to remove smile lines on the products oddly colorful packaging. This one looks makes you like a super feminine Mexican wrestler, pretty much the worst Halloween costume since the Caitlyn Jenner one. Apparently wearing this painful mask will remove smile lines, but again is it really worth it? Try it out yourself and let us know.

Going along with the weird names, this one is called the “Nose Straightener.” That sounds more like a torture device than a beauty product, but Lily tries it anyway. It’s pretty much a clamp that pushes your nose out for extended periods of time, shaping the cartilage inside. Ouch!

In what may be the creepiest product of the lot is the “Face Slimmer” – this one looks like some massive, unsightly pink lips. Apparently you are supposed to make vowel sounds and it will stretch out your jaw… or something.

Finally they get to the “Beauty Voice Trainer,” which is supposed to “open your throat to sing.” Take that as you will, but get your mind out of the gutter girl!

Which one of these products is the weirdest? Share with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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