Japanese Artist Makes Lifelike Sculptures. My Jaw Dropped At What She Uses As Material.

I’ve always admired artists of all kind – modern, abstract, painters, you name it. Realism is what I’ve really gravitated towards. There’s just something about someone taking whatever media that they like the best and making something that is almost exactly what we would see with our naked eye. That’s why I was utterly fascinated at this video of a particular artist and what she uses for her craft.

Chie Hitotsuyama is a Japanese sculpture artist. She does realistic-looking animals and her sculptures are life-sized. The really impressive thing is that she doesn’t use the traditional methods of sculpting. No, she rolls up newspapers and makes her artwork strand by strand. I would imagine that it’s a really impressive thing to look at up close – the video is impressive but it can’t capture everything.

I wonder what made her come up with this idea in the first place. Perhaps it was an extension of doing paper mache – something that many of us did in art class in school. There must be something soothing about being able to get into the zone of rolling up those wet newspapers, cutting them up and creating a life-sized sculpture out of it. Personally, I’m a paper-and-pencil artist, but I can understand her dedication to her craft.

The thing that boggles my mind is the sheer amount of time that Chie must invest in each of these sculptures We’re talking at least 100 hours minimum. Just watching the painstaking amount of detail she puts into each of them… the video shows her putting individual hairs into one of the sculptures… is incredible. Chie deserves to have all those shows in various cities. If it ever came to my city, I would be there in a heartbeat.

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