Japanese monk rocks the temple with AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’

There’s a remix for everything, but this Buddhist monk takes it a step further with nothing more than traditional instruments.

Covering popular music in unconventional styles is becoming a mainstay of popular internet culture. But sometimes you still get hit with something you didn’t expect.

Here we have a Zen Buddhist priest offering a prayer, getting into a meditative state, and then covering AC/DC’s song ‘Thunderstruck.’ No wait, it gets better.

He’s Youtuber Kossan1108 and he’s using traditional instruments and also doing an impressive job of imitating the howling vocals of Brian Johnson. He’s quite the one-man band.

AC/DC pranced around onstage with loud instruments, newsboy caps, and shorts and their whole act is being emulated by this super calm individual sitting on the floor in a robe. Quite remarkable, really.

Kossan1108 has covered an impressive library of rock. He’s covered The Beatles, The Ramones, Metallica, Judas Priest, and many other legendary rockers. His calm demeanor mixed with the rowdiness of metal moves us to consider the mindful aspects of heavy music.

If you liked his AC/DC cover, you won’t want to miss:

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