Jaw-Dropping Bioluminescent Waves Create Neon Blue Light on California Coast

So many of us are hunkered down indoors while the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. While most people are still allowed to go outside and enjoy a nature walk or evening watching the sunset, these beachgoers got an illuminating surprise.

Glowing bioluminescent waves have greeted the shoreline along the Pacific Coast. From the sandy beaches in Acapulco to the empty shores in Orange County, California, people are freaking out over these rare neon blue waves.

Photographers all along the west coast are sharing the phenomenal images they’re getting of these dazzling neon waves. Everything looks normal until the wave breaks, and you see a bright light shine across the water.

This is thanks to bioluminescence, which is caused by an increase in the dinoflagellate population. These are tiny swimming plants that can contain enzymes that create glowing light. During the day, it can appear red, and as soon as the sun goes down, it looks bright blue.