Jaw-Dropping Footage of Dolphins Joyfully Swim Through Fascinating Bioluminescent Water

There have been a lot of changes in nature, due to the isolation of humans during the coronavirus pandemic. Spectators are getting a unique experience when they spot dolphins swimming in neon blue waters along the coast of Southern California.

Thanks to photographer Patrick Coyne, we’re able to watch the stunning footage of a pair of dolphins joyfully swimming through bioluminescent waters in Newport Beach. To be able to see this is an incredibly rare experience.

The neon blue glow of the water is caused by a red tide bloom that was filled with something called dinoflagellate plankton. This plankton shows up red during the day and shines bright blue after sundown.

People from all over Southern California are visiting the beach at night to get a glimpse of this rare phenomenon. To be able to spot dolphins swimming in the water is the cherry on top. What a great way to make people smile during these trying times.