Jaw-Dropping Routine Shows The Unbelievable Bond This Trainer Shares With His Beautiful Horse

Horses are gorgeous creatures. They are stunning to look at, they are strong, and they are also widely-known for their intelligence. We have all enjoyed dressage shows over the years. The video below features one of these acts. Will Rogers is a horse trainer who shows us how amazing a performance can be when there is total trust between you and your horse.

Horses are known to be wary by nature. They are especially nervous when it comes to foreign objects like a tarp. But wait till you see how Rogers’ horse Esmeralda handles herself when she gets covered with tarp. This not only demonstrates Rogers’ ability to lead his horse, but also the horse’s absolute faith in him. This routine was performed at JBK Horse Show in 2015.

The beginning of clip shows Rogers riding his horse in the ring as she gracefully trots around and over tarps, almost as if he is getting her used to them. At first, the tarps are just flat, non-threatening. Then as she goes over them again, people lift the huge tarp from the corners and follow her with it. She takes no notice and continues to perform beautifully. But the best is yet to come.

After a few minutes, Rogers and his horse stand in the middle of a tarp and he gets off as the men cover her completely with the tarp, something very unsettling for most horses. When she emerges, she has no saddle, no bridle, and she is calm. Amazing.

Watch their performance below! Watch the video below. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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