Jay Z and Alicia Keys Hit Has Never Sounded Better, Winning Three Chairs

Abigail Adriano is a young singer and dancer who works hard at improving her talents. At just eleven years old, her power and range are remarkable. Once you hear the young gifted singer from Sydney sing ‘Empire State of Mind’ from Jay Z and Alicia Keys, you’ll be calling for more.

Mel B and Delta listened intently both seemingly knowing for quite some time that they wanted this young star. Staring at each other with exact timing, both the superstars struck their buzzes to turn with The Madden Brothers following just a second later. There was no doubt that we’d all witnessed something special, and a contender in the competition.

Jay Z and Alicia Keys are done proud in this rendition of one of their most epic ballads ever performed. ‘Empire State of Mind’ from Abigail Adriano is shockingly good for an eleven-year-old. Just watch how Delta can’t help herself from jamming along – energy and talent like that gives off a vibe that’s infectious.